Fusion - Road

Frame Description

Our custom Fusion is just that. a Fusion of our own craftsmanship and carbon mastery combined with your own specific geometry and ride quality needs. The Fusion is noted for its tight clean smooth joints which produces a very sleek frame.

All Fusions are made with the very best carbon tubes which are manufactured in the U.S. They offer the very best balance between stiffness, lightweight and ride quality while remaining one of the most durable tube sets meny can buy.

Fusions are available with standard or internal routed cable housings. Standard or 30MM integrated Bottom Brackets and with an integrated seat posts option which can be trailored to your needs. Frames can be ordered with either sloping or traditional top tubes.

Another feature is if a customer needs a head tube extension, our construction techniques allow us the capability to make a frame that doesn't appear to have a standard extension. This makes for a better looking frame.

A simple call to RR VELO and we will guide you in all of your frame choices.